NetBiz Infotech - School Management System

Simplify and Improves Your
Educational Delivery

A School Management System transforms schools into smarter schools which the parents want now a days.SMS helps to for best administration,fast communications etc. SMS or ERP helps you to achieve that preffered skills.

What is School Management System or School ERP?

An interface all over which helps school staffs & faculties to organize their certain tasks that spin around a student’s life process. Our software have that potential to automate the whole life process of that task/activity. Like other field industries, schools and colleges extremely have large volume of records to manage involvement of students, staff, and curriculums.

Why it is necessary?

In all of these, schools & colleges staffs need to execute various automatic and formula-based activities routinely, such as generating results, financial records & statements by Account Department, Attendance Records of Students and staff faculties, and other such activities and report.
According to "Right to Information (RTI)", Schools & colleges need to keep all the years' old data of each and every students & staffs.
With new digital world, our software maintain these records security without any fail.


  • Login on Role basis (such as - Teachers, Students, Admin)
  • Student Record Maintainance
  • Staffs Records Maintainance
  • Attendance & Leave Maintainance
  • Daily Timetable Routine class, subjects and teacher basis
  • Accounts Record of Fees and other basic
  • Payroll Maintainance of Staffs on category basis