NetBiz Infotech Learning Management System

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A Learning Management System transforms schools into Digital smarter which the parents want now a days.LMS helps to for best administration,fast communications etc. SMS or ERP helps you to achieve that preffered skills online.

Learning Management System or LMS

Learning Management System or LMS?

Learning Management System (LMS) is a software providing platform to the instructors and trainers for transfer of educational knowledge, conducting training programs, and learning growth programs. Through LMS, we can move a step forward from traditional to online learning via web and app.

Why LMS is Required?

Use of Learning Management System varies on the organization’s goals, e-training programme, and other necessary details. However, LMS software is commony used to establish and capture e-training spirit. Generally, data are uploaded via LMS, through which it is easily accessible for remote learners. Think of a Learning Management System as a vast repository where you can maintain records & track informations. Everyone from Organizations, or Students, customers, learners having a loginid and password can access the e-training services via web & app, no matter whenever and wherever.

Basic Benefits

  • - Saves Time
  • - Cost Reduction
  • - Reporting
  • - Virtual Classrooms
  • - Live Classes through App
  • - Payment Gateway enrollment
  • - Use your own Branding
  • - Online Test Series
  • - Free Downloads of Videos, Documents & Test Series